We’re Breaking Ground at Ashbury in Saddlestone!

We are excited to announce that we have officially broken ground at our Ashbury townhomes in Saddlestone, in Calgary’s northeast sector! Ashbury is the newest addition to Saddlestone, and the unique design of this project has been just one of the draws for buyers. Additionally, the modern features in the townhomes offer buyers innovative options and affordability too.

Ashbury consists of 24 townhomes, in three different styles that cater to various budgets and lifestyles. This is part of our great new approach to the home buying experience, it allows buyers to choose from either pre-selected standard home options or personalize with our ‘Make-It-Your-Own’ options.

Here’s a look at the three models available in Ashbury:




And great news, homebuyers can own these stylish, open-concept townhomes in Ashbury from just $467 bi-weekly*, which is a lot cheaper than rent! With our new staggered deposits option, homebuyers don’t have to pay their full down payment right off the bat, which takes a lot of the pressure off, and puts buyers into new homes sooner. So now is definitely the time to say goodbye to your landlord, and hello to home ownership.

*Assuming buyer has good credit and is approved at the 2.84% posted, 5 year fixed rate – amortized over 25 years.