What to know about summer road construction in Calgary

This summer, the City of Calgary has pledged $30 million towards bringing fresh pavement to each quadrant of the city. Starting immediately, construction crews will be out making our roads smoother and safer for everyone.

A few larger projects for the year are:

  • 64 Avenue between Castleridge Boulevard and Falconridge Boulevard.
  • 4 Street NW between 16 Avenue and 32 Avenue.
  • 19 Street NW between 18 Avenue and John Laurie Boulevard.
  • Crowchild Trail between Tuscany Station and Twelve Mile Coulee Road.
  • Parkdale Boulevard and 3 Avenue NW between Kensington Road and 37 Street.
  • Cambrian Drive NW between Northmount Drive and Rosehill Drive.
  • Barlow Trail SE from Sheppard Road to Deerfoot Trail limits.

These road rehabilitation programs are an attempt to avoid full road reconstruction that would mean shutting down roads, causing major inconveniences for drivers and cost significantly more.

The resurfacing of 230 kilometres of the road helps both the city as well as their contracted partners hire more people and stimulate the economy. This means that it really is a win-win in terms of new roads as well as more jobs for the people of Calgary. They have made sure to source all supplies and materials locally within Alberta to help stay on time and on the budget for this huge project in the short construction window Calgary has.

During this construction work, we would like to reiterate the importance of the safety of the workers. The city urges motorists to follow posted speed limits and obey flag persons to make sure every worker gets home safely each night. Here are a few ways to help keep our roads safe:

  • Plan ahead. Odds are it will take a little longer than normal due to the construction.
  • Use alternative routes to help reduce congestion.
  • Obey speed limits in construction zones. Sometimes hazards aren’t immediately visible but still pose a threat.
  • Obey all signs and rules even when workers are not present. There may still be other dangers to you and your vehicle.
  • Cooperate with other drivers to keep traffic moving smoothly.

Construction will be taking place from now until the end of October during off-peak hours and at night to try and reduce congestion during rush hour. The city hopes residents will slow down, follow signage, take detours and comply with requests to move vehicles to try and get the work done as quickly and effectively as possible.

If you’re ever wondering where construction is currently happening, check the roadways activities map provided by the city to see where workers are and plan your route accordingly. With a little cooperation between drivers and workers, we will see a great improvement in road quality and safety this summer. So slow down, and plan ahead.