Your Home Built Smart

In this age of digitalization, your home should work for you and make your day to day living easier and more convenient. There are a ton of different options for turning your house into a smart home – from security, to temperature, to lighting – the possibilities are endless.

What’s stopping you from making your home smarter with the new technological gadgets out there? As homeowners ourselves, we understand the limitations of integrating technology into your home. Not only can it be a hassle, what if it’s not installed properly; what if my house isn’t compatible; it can be expensive to swap it out.

What if we said your next home already comes with all the smart technology upgrades that you need? If you’re going to build a new home, why should you have to make changes to it yourself after it’s been built. Our goal as a home builder is to make the journey as easy as possible for you. It’s almost like asking, “Hey Alexa, build me my dream home.”

Integrated Intelligence for your home is installed by our trusted partner Digital Lifestyles Inc. If you’re wondering what kind of smart technology comes standard in your next Genesis Builders home, we’ve made an easy list for you. All of these great are accessible in a single, unified app for your convenience and usability. If you have any questions, please reach out to our team!

Home Automation Hub

Amazon Echo Show

Ecobee Thermostat

Caséta by Lutron Wireless Smart Bridge Pro

Caséta by Lutron Smart Home Wall Light Switches and Dimmers x 3

Caséta by Lutron Pico™ Wireless Control x 2

Ring Doorbell

Schlage Automated Lock

SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor x 2

SmartThings Motion Sensor x 2

Garage Door Interface

Some of our favourite smart technology includes the Ring Doorbell – it lets you see, hear and speak to anyone at the door through your mobile device or PC. It will also send you motion detection notifications so you know when someone is approaching. The Ecobee Thermostat makes it easy to control the temperature of your house from your phone, even when you’re not home. It also has built in Amazon Alexa voice commands – we told you your life would get easier!

Like we mentioned, all of the above technology comes standard and fully installed in your home. Our team is there for the whole process – operational setup, guidance and tech support for all systems. Even though you could just ask Alexa, our team is on standby for you.

If you’re interested in learning about additional a la carte upgrade options you can integrate into your new home, explore our home technology page HERE.

You can also visit our show homes to get a real-life look into what this technology looks like. This Smart Home Tech offering will only apply to the communities of Bayview, Bayside Estates, Homestead, Saddlestone and Sage Meadows.

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