Youth programs at Genesis Place in Airdrie

Physical activity is important for everyone. That’s why Genesis Place offers parent and child youth programs that start for kids as young as 16-months-old. We all know that you need to be able to walk before you run, but did you know that you need to be able to hop before you can skip or balance on one foot before you can kick? That’s where these youth programs come in. Putting an emphasis on important skills, Genesis Place starts early with games and activities to help teach kids the basics in a fun and engaging way.

Here’s a look at what they offer this year:

  • A Youth Strength Training Certification for kids 12-15-years-old is offered on Thursday evenings from 5:30-7pm. This group will teach children proper techniques, program design, anatomy, warm-up and cool-down options as well as the general benefits of exercise from a personal trainer.
  • Don’t miss a lively Zumba class taking place on August 6 from 5:30-6: 15 pm.
  • Battle Stations, happening on August 20 from 5:30-6: 15 pm, will have kids man their own stations for 45 minutes of fitness games and circuits. Kids ages 8-13 years old are welcome to join in as they focus on overall health all whilst having fun.
  • Gloga, or glow in the dark yoga, will be happening on August 13 from 5:30-6: 15 pm. Make sure to wear your brightest clothes so you can glow and move with the group! Ages 8-13-years-old as welcome with no experience required.
  • Sport Plus on July 30 for kids ages 8-13 running from 5:30-6: 15 pm.

A sampler of classes for one day starts at only $5, so you can give them a try and see if they fit your family’s schedule and interests. Keep in mind that Airdrie transit is free for everyone 17 and under all summer long, making getting there and back home easy.

If you’re looking to push yourself, even more, this summer, the fitness centre and track have some new guidelines to help younger people use the facility:

  • Kids ages 10-15 are welcome as long as they have constant supervision of someone 18 or older at all times.
  • Kids ages 12-15 can have full unsupervised access if they have completed the youth strength training certification course.
  • Kids 16 and over have full access to the facility without supervision.

Now that you can see how great the programs at Genesis Place are for children, there is no reason not to get out and be active. There are classes for everyone here, whether you like working out in a group or alone at the fitness centre. For a small fee of $5 to try each class, you really can’t go wrong.

Register for a class by following the link here. Have a great workout!