10 Back to School Organizing Tips

September already in just a few short weeks – where has summer gone?! We are already halfway through August and the first day of school is just around the corner. It’s not time to panic yet because there is plenty of time to get everything done before the bell rings. Here are ten tips to get through the first day of school without a hitch:

  1. Download a family calendar app. Once school starts, life becomes hectic and it’s easier to keep everything straight if you have a colour-coded schedule with reminders, so you never forget an appointment or a pickup.
  2. Meal planning will save you time and money. It can be hard to come up with a plan for dinner each and every day, especially if you’re busy with work or other errands. Try to plan and shop in advance; it’ll make the fast-food drive-through look that much less appealing.
  3. Try a home smart device. You can set alarms, reminders and even call the kids to dinner from other rooms.
  4. Assemble a coffee cart where you and your kids can grab a drink and a quick breakfast on their way out the door. Load it up with cereal and granola bars so you have an easy breakfast on the go.
  5. Ditch bulky binders and go with accordion-style file folders that are easily organized and emptied at the end of each week into a larger folder for each subject. This will help keep handouts and notes more organized.
  6. Start a school supplies stash so that you’re prepared for anything without having to run to the store for each project that comes up.
  7. Start a morning routine and stick to it. School can be stressful for kids, so post a morning schedule on the fridge that they can see and get used to. Bonus points if you start practicing it a few days before school so that they are more comfortable with it before the chaos of the first day rolls around.
  8. Create a lunchbox cupboard. Have all your reusable containers, thermoses and snacks in one place so packing a lunch is quick and easy. If you keep everything in the same spot, it’s also easier to tell if something has been forgotten in a backpack.
  9. Build a sandwich station in your fridge where you have easy access to cold cuts, veggies and cheese that you need to make them a healthy lunch they’ll love.
  10. Create a dedicated homework space with everything your kids need to stay focused. It’s often easier for your brain to think if it has a designated area that it knows it needs to focus. So, if you have one spot with all the supplies needed to get through that night’s homework, it will help your kids focus and get it done more quickly.

Now that you’re ready for the first day back, enjoy the last couple weeks of summer as a family.