5 Steps to Building Your Own Home

Buying a home is exciting. Building your own can be even more thrilling. There are conveniences to purchasing an existing house. However, building the home of your dreams gives you a choice of where to build and options for just about every feature. List your specifications and home builders in Calgary can design exactly what you want and include the newest and most energy-efficient materials and systems.

If building a home sounds daunting, here are five steps to consider before getting started:

Get Your Budget Together

How and where you build all depends on what you can afford.

(COMMENT: none of our home purchasers have gone through the construction loan process – the conventional mortgages cover that here. Please remove that from this content piece). Construction is a complex process and so is doing the financial planning for it. Nonetheless, there are ways to save on construction costs (removed hyperlink: showcasing a very custom build process, don’t want to promote that)by choosing lots carefully, building small, and knowing exactly how much space you’re paying for.


Contracts are as important for building a home as buying an existing one. You’re working with designers, builders, architects, and contractors, and all must describe their roles in detail and sign the contract. Get a list of all materials and parts and avoid the use of builders-grade materials. If any changes are made during the project, be sure to amend the contract. All the fine details should be worked out from the start and when any changes are considered.

Choose/Prepare the Construction Site

Assuming you have your finances in order, it’s time to choose a location, which can be an exciting alternative to having a realtor show you homes in Airdrie, for example. Site preparation is about 20% to 25% of the project and requires considering zoning, soil conditions, drainage, and building codes.1

A construction crew must level the site and build a temporary foundation with wooden forms, which serve as a template. Next, the footings are installed and the concrete is poured. When the concrete cures, the foundation walls are waterproofed and drains, sewer, and water taps are placed.

Get It Built

Once the frame starts going up, you start seeing results and may get excited, but the project is far from over. The floor, walls, and roof need to be completed. Then the exterior sheathing, interior plumbing, insulation, drywall, and interior fixtures are tackled. Your home may start to feel complete when exterior driveways/walkways and interior hard flooring, countertops, and room fixtures are installed. It may look like the brochure of houses for sale in NW Calgary, but you’re not done yet.


Never skip an inspection. The builder schedule appointments with you and will walk you through and explain what was done, along with the features and functions of your home. This should include a discussion on warranty coverage, maintenance, and upkeep.

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