5 Ways to Get Ready for Patio Season

It’s that time of year again —we can practically hear the sizzle of the barbecue and the feel the warmth of those long summer nights! But before we launch into the season of backyard parties and patio hangouts, there is some work to be done to get your patio back in shape after the harsh winter!

Here are our top 5 ways to get your patio ready for summer:

1. Remove debris and check for damage

Start with spring cleaning. After braving the elements for the winter, your patio may have accumulated debris, loose nails and boards. Replace all nails and screws that can’t be tightened. Easy hack: you can easily remove debris between the boards with a butter knife!

2. Give your deck a thorough clean

Remove any mildew that may have built up over the winter with a wood cleaner for your specific type of wood and stain. Then use a power washer to get rid of the dirt and grime on the surface—it makes all the difference to return your deck to its former glory. Plus, you easily can rent power washers at your local home or hardware store.

3. Invest in outdoor lighting

Lighting is the key to elevating your patio game. A few strings of twinkle lights, also available from most hardware or home stores, can make a huge difference in brightening up those summer nights. Also, pick up a few solar lights for the garden and railings —they will stay charged during those warm sunny days!

4. Plant garden boxes

Planters and garden boxes can bring added life to your patio space. Be sure to fill the boxes with lightweight soil mix and provide proper drainage. And if you don’t have a green thumb, visit your local garden centre to get recommendations on low maintenance options that are suited to your space!

5. Get creative with décor

A little can go a long way. Add some bright coloured pillows or even an outdoor carpet. Be sure to look for weather-proof fabrics and materials —they will last longer and save you during the wild spring storms.


For more tips to get your ready for summer, check out our Spring Cleaning Guide. Happy patio season!


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