Airdrie’s population continues to grow

Following the same trend as last year, the population of Airdrie has continued to rise. As Calgary continues to attract more and more people, the surrounding areas also grow in number. The 2019 census saw a population of 70,564 in Airdrie, equalling a 3.6 per cent growth rate. This is a slightly slower growth than last year’s at 4.88 per cent, but not by much. To put this into perspective, these numbers work out to 8.4 and 8.7 new residents each day, respectively.

In just one calendar year, Airdrie saw 971 new homes pop up in the neighbourhoods of Hillcrest, Ravenswood and Bayside. This four per cent increase saw the total number of homes rise to 25,255 in the single-family and multi-family home categories. “Our population has almost doubled in the last decade. That kind of growth can be challenging to manage but we’ve been able to maintain the small-town feel that attracts people to Airdrie,” says Mayor Peter Brown. “Despite a tough economy in recent years, I’m encouraged by our continued growth.”

The city has gone from 34,116 people in 2008 to the current population that is just shy of 70,000. Year after year, Airdrie has seen an increase in growth. With more people realizing that they can live in a place with everything a big city has to offer without giving up the small-town feel, people moving to the Calgary area are regularly choosing Airdrie as their new home. Even Calgarians looking for a change of scenery without completely uprooting their lives are moving north rather than into new communities on the edges or at the far south end of Calgary.

With the census now being online, the city saw 73 per cent of people respond through the website and on average they took only 98 seconds to complete the survey. On average, Airdrie has 2.7 people living in each home and saw over 4,000 business licenses get issued in the last year. It’s safe to say that this city is growing and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

So now that the 2019 census has been completed and you know that you can do everything online in less than two minutes, keep an eye open for the 2020 edition to help keep this data an accurate reflection of the place we call home. As the city grows in numbers and services, we love to show how much Airdrie continues to grow without giving up what makes it unique and special.