Back to Home (School)

Happy September! We’re getting ready to go back to school and back to our regular routines (or as close as those can be!) As much as we would all love to be spending our days at the lake and enjoying the sunshine, the seasons are changing and we’re heading back into our usual daily lives.

Our homes have proven to be our allies and will work with us for the space that we need for our family’s life. Whether school and work is happening at the kitchen table and home office, or it’s going to be in real life, we’re doing it! Here are some ways to get your home ready to jump back into our daily routines:

Set up your home office and home school

You never know when you’ll have to spend some time in your home office or home school with little notice. Having a dedicated area to work and learn keeps your home feeling efficient and productive. If you don’t have a whole room for an office or classroom for your kids, finding a place where everything can be put away easily helps for a smooth transition between work life and home life.

Create space just for you

We aren’t talking about a home office anymore! We’re imagining a space in your home where you can go to relax, recharge and regroup if things get a little hectic around the house. A corner of a room with a soft floor pillow or chair, a reading lamp and candles is a lovely start or if you have enough space, keeping that home gym set up is a great place to escape and sweat out the stress.

Clean out your basement

Summer can build up in your basement and nothing feels better than sorting and organizing your stuff to get ready for another year. You might have found new hobbies or added more toys to your storage room that need a place to live. Organizing your physical space can help clear your mental space, just in time for going back to work or school with the kids.

If you’re looking around your current house and thinking you need a different space for your lifestyle, check out our quick possession homes! Click here.

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