Benefits of a new home: indoor air quality

There are many advantages to buying a new home, and indoor air quality is just one of them. Construction standards ensure that new homes are built with impeccable indoor air quality, which is important since 90% Canadians’ time is spent indoors.

Did you know poor indoor air quality can have a detrimental affect on your health? Poor indoor air quality has been shown to make people feel tired, and has even been shown to contribute to allergies and asthma. There are many factors that can contribute to indoor air quality, but brand new homes give you a clean fresh air, comfortable moisture levels and overall the best possible indoor environments.

  • Construction and design: great indoor air quality starts with solid construction that ensures the prevention of moisture leaks and incorporates energy-efficient windows. With high building standards and the fact that new homes have never been lived in, you can be sure the construction is at the utmost quality.
  • Ventilation: proper ventilation systems are built into every new home, using fans to dispose of stale or excess moisture in the air, caused by everyday living.
  • Heating and cooling: the heating and cooling systems installed in brand new homes ensure the comfort level of the air for the homeowners, and can draw fresh air in while bringing stale air out.
  • Building materials: by using the highest quality building materials, homebuilders can eliminate the introduction of toxins and pollutants into the home during the construction process.
  • Finishings: by using non-toxic cleaning products and eco-friendly finishings, homebuilders can eliminate any extra toxins in the air.

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