Benefits of a new home: safety

There are many advantages to buying a new home, and safety is just one of them. Modern construction standards and building codes ensure that homes are built using up-to-date materials and products and that every aspect of your home is designed to operate with the highest level of safety and effectiveness. 

Common safety standards you can expect from a brand new home include:

  • Electrical: besides the fact that all the wiring behind the walls is brand new, electrical systems include only the latest approved components. Another benefit of new homes versus older, is that new homes come with lots of electrical outlets.
  • Fire safety: from flooring to walls, all the materials used in new homes are appropriately fire-rated. Smoke detectors are installed on each level of the home as well.
  • Protection from harmful fumes: new homes are designed to prevent backdrafting of harmful gases from the heating system. Carbon monoxide detectors are installed in new homes as well. In addition, walls between houses and garages are properly sealed and self-closing (which prevents fumes from coming into the house).
  • Upgraded glass: the glass used in the bathrooms will be of safety standard that crumble rather than break into shards upon impact. On the exterior, new homes use tempered glass as well.

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