Benefits of Buying New: Saving Money

When you are looking to buy a home, there is always a decision between going the resale route or purchasing brand new. Buying a new build presents a number of advantages to first-time homebuyers and seasoned homeowners alike. If you’re looking into buying a brand new home, saving money is just one of the great benefits.

  • Personnalize without the cost: working with a home builder allows you the opportunity to customize many options before construction is complete, so you can add your own personal touches without paying for the price tag of upgrades after you buy. Homebuyers usually have a say on paint colours, finishings and more when they choose a new build. With our new homes, we offer Make it Your Own options, where personalizing your home is interactive and affordable. 
  • No repairs for years: one of the big financial benefits of buying new is that you will have little to no maintenance for years. Everything in your home will be new: plumbing, heating and appliances, most of which will be under warranty for several years.
  • Energy-efficiency: thanks to advances in construction and design, everything from the building materials to the heating systems are more energy-efficient, helping you save money (and the environment). You can also look forward to clean indoor air quality in a new home, meaning less money on energy bills and air purifying appliances too. 
  • Smarter technology: new homes come with the latest technology built right in so you don’t have to spend extra cash after you move in on upgrades. Alarm systems, cable wiring and smart technology like NEST™ thermostats (which all of our new homes come with). 

The Canadian Home Builders Association (CHBA) has an in-depth list of the advantages of buying a new home on their website here. To find out the process of how we build homes, you can find out more information here. And of course, you can always reach us on Twitter with any home building questions.

Looking at buying a new home this year? We have lots of new homes available in both Calgary and Airdrie, and plenty for quick possession too.