Benefits of Living in a Townhome

If you’ve been thinking about moving but trying to decide what size of house you’re looking for, have you considered moving into a townhome? Most people think you need to jump from an apartment to a single-family house, but a townhome can be a great option if you’re a first time buyer or you’re looking to downsize but want to still feel like you’re living in a house instead of a condo. There are a lot of benefits of living in a townhome that you can’t find in a single family house. Here are some to get you started:

Great for First Time Buyers

As mentioned, a townhome can be a first step when buying your first house. Not only do you feel like you are moving into a house, the lower financial investment makes it more affordable for people just starting out but that don’t want to rent. The smaller square footage is advantageous to first time homebuyers who don’t need so much space as well as people looking to downsize.

Low Maintenance Living

If mowing your lawn or worrying about replacing shingles on the roof isn’t your thing, living in a townhouse is the perfect solution. Most townhome’s HOA take care of all the external maintenance that make life a lot easier.


Since you’re living very close to your neighbours, you find a greater sense of community than living in a single family home where there is more space, fences and more isolation. Plus, lots of townhomes have common areas outside with greenspaces or pathways and benches where you can easily meet the other people that live in your townhome area.

Backyard and Garage

You still get a front and backyard as well as a garage which is something you wouldn’t get if you chose something smaller like a condo or apartment. You can feel like you have your own home with those ground level features without buying a single family home.


If you have an eye on a community but couldn’t afford to buy a single family home, a townhouse can be the next best option. You can still live in the community of your dreams but at a price you can afford; it’s a win-win situation.

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