Congrats! You Have a New Construction Home! What’s Next?

Many Calgary and Airdrie, Alberta, homebuyers prefer a turn-key property that needs little or no work. They may be young, first-time buyers, but lots of people enjoy the thrill of a new construction—a property that’s never been lived in. You can start from scratch and decorate and furnish it any way you please. Our Calgary condo builders work with you to find the home of your dreams, but closing is not the final step to making this property truly yours.

Below, you’ll learn:

  1. The differences are between a turn-key home and one that’s ‘in-progress’.
  2. The steps you should take when unpacking and decorating.
  3. What you should know before purchasing a new construction home.

The Difference Between ‘In-Progress’ and Turn-Key

Turn-key basically means the house is ready for you to move in. The term is found all over real estate listings. A true turn-key home requires no additional construction, no renovations, and no painting. Families, investors, and buyers looking to rent out property often prefer having little extra work/money to put in.

However, a turn-key home may still require updating (appliances, plumbing, paint job, etc.), even if there’s little wear and it’s mostly in excellent condition. For buyers who prefer to invest in a few projects after closing, a new construction is the way to go. Pricing depends on the individual property. The costs of an updated turn-key home and a new construction are typically about the same.

Assuming you’re the new construction type and have made your choice, there are a few considerations. Issues with the building process and final product do happen. It’s important to ask builders as many questions as possible. At the very least, this keeps you updated, but an open line of communication helps ensure home builders in Calgary hold up their end of the bargain. You should also:

  • Take a final walk-through: The builder should take you on a pre-occupancy orientation. About a week prior to closing, it can reveal items that still need work. These may be small details, such as adding hinges to cabinet doors or touching up paint. Get any work requirements in writing and take notes; if not fully confident, it’s okay to bring in a third-party inspector.
  • Be flexible with deadlines: Homebuyers often set a hard deadline, but not everything goes according to plan. Being flexible reduces the stress. If there are any delays or setbacks in construction, you can more easily adapt and work with the builder on a solution.
  • Prepare for closing: At this point, everything must go right. You hope the lender doesn’t find a reason not to issue a loan. Documentation is critical, so make sure everything is in order. The cashier’s check must be ready and properly filled out with the exact amount owed. A real estate agent’s help is vital here, especially when you factor in the paperwork and terminology.
  • Write out a checklist: There’s a lot to think about when moving into a new home. Note everything that needs to be done, before, during, and after the move. Your tasks don’t only involve the home itself. In addition to reminders when to make arrangements with the mover, fill your list with tasks such as changing your address at the post office and for your bank, driver’s license, insurance, and magazine subscriptions. Also, note when the school bus will be there to pick up and drop off the children.

From switching over the utilities to caring for pets, to setting a schedule for unpacking and decorating, moving into any new home is challenging. Houses for sale in Calgary SW are no exception. Read on for unpacking/decorating tips as you start to get settled in.

Unpacking and Decorating

couple moving in new home

Despite the hard work and dedicated planning, moving day is hardly a picnic. Cardboard boxes may line the walls and be stacked to the ceiling. A little planning and organization can help you stay focused. Everything should be executed in stages. Here are a few considerations along the way:

  • Start cleaning before making an offer: By cleaning house early, packing up will be easier. Throw away old furniture and appliances. Discard anything that’s in storage you don’t need or is broken. Consider a garage sale, a donation, or selling salvageable items online. In doing so, you might reduce the moving load by 25% to 50%.
  • Pick a place to start: Since you can’t do it all at once, choose a room to paint and decorate first. There should be at least one room to find solace in. It can be a sanctuary to find comfort in familiar furniture and pictures. Starting with the bedroom is also a good idea; you’ll spend a great deal of time there, so invest in quality bedding, matching paint, and window treatments. Colour is important here, as lighter colours suit early risers and darker tones help block out light if you like sleeping in.
  • Hold off on significant purchases: It might seem counterproductive but waiting a couple of months can help in the long run. Your initial plans and how you actually live in your new home may differ. Is it more prudent to drop thousands of dollars on a kitchen island or a cozy sectional sofa? Resist the urge to do everything as soon as possible; get used to the layout or tackle basic necessities first.
  • Find inexpensive solutions to practical problems: Face it, there will be unanticipated expenses whether you move in to the Redstone community or elsewhere in Calgary. You may need new light fixtures. Perhaps the furniture, window treatments, and other items from the last home may not work here.

There are things, however, you can do more cheaply; for example, kitchen cabinets can be spruced up with a new coat of paint or some shiny new handles. Lighting affects the atmosphere of smaller rooms, so replacing the lights in the bathroom can brighten it up at a reasonable cost. Secondhand furniture is another way to save on important, and useful, items.

Moving into a new home can leave you strapped for cash. Nonetheless, there are methods of getting the most out of your experience from the start. This is possible if you:

  • Prioritize and set aside money: Putting away some funds is great, especially if the new home is larger than the old one and requires more furnishings. Budget for furniture, window blinds, paint, a sofa, artwork, and any aspect of decorating you can think of—and set aside cash separate from what’s saved for a down payment.
  • Don’t fear to start out minimal: There may be ideas and purchases you’ve been mulling for a while. Don’t give in to temptation. If you embrace the minimal, you can start to prioritize what is necessary and avoid accumulating too much clutter too soon.
  • Accept imperfection: Family members and friends may offer old couches or chairs. They may not go perfectly in your new home Calgary condo builders have completed, but before rejecting them, consider a fresh coat of paint, reupholstering, or adding pillows. Existing chairs and tables may not seem ideal, at first, but live with them for a while. Also, set aside a day for rearranging furniture; this gives you time to think about it and not get overworked.

Lots of problems will arise with how your home is decorated. At times, allow yourself to feel unsatisfied. Living with the problem will enable you to think of a better solution, and often one that’s less costly. Painting is often the most affordable option for mismatched furniture or balancing wall décor.

What to Know Before Buying a New Construction Home

There are many pros and cons to buying a new construction home. One advantage is you don’t need to negotiate based on the seller’s emotional sentiment. The builder is your primary contact, whether you buy a model home or a custom designed and built one. A con (with buying any type of home) is the extra money you may spend on taxes, insurance, furniture, maintenance, landscaping, and other expenses.

house on top of pile of american money

Your home may also be semi-customized as part of a larger development. New condo builders in Calgary have been busy in recent years catering to buyer’s needs. Even if a home is built to your specifications, you need to realize whether the new construction matches your lifestyle. You should know:

  • It’s location in proximity to the city center.
  • If the overall design is to your liking.
  • How much work will go into attractive lawns and landscaping.
  • The closeness of your home to the next, and if this impacts your privacy.
  • The state of the neighbourhood, amenities, and what other homeowners think.
  • If the development is still under construction, which may add traffic and noise.

You also want to know as much about the builder as you can. Research with the Better Business Bureau for potential complaints filed and check the reputation of the building company with local real estate agents. You could even visit homes the builder has already completed. If the occupants are available, ask them if the home has stood up to their expectations.

Know the standard vs. extra features home builders in Calgary offer. Before choosing a home, compare the feature sheets of each one you are interested in, so you know what’s included in the base price. You’ll certainly save if, for example, stoves and other appliances are included. Identify items considered upgrades, because builders mark these up considerably, and consider these next points:

moving truck parked in front of home

  • A professional home inspection is a must. Defects can cost you dearly. The builder should comply with your demands; it’s a red flag if they don’t.
  • Don’t just settle for an implied warranty, which builders offer so any major structural defects must be fixed. Ask about the timeframe; preferably backed by insurance, the warranty should run from one to 10 years and state what is covered.

Inquire about funding programs when closing the deal. Your funding options may include the builder’s mortgage lender, an outside lender, or special funding programs (including government of Canada programs). The more you know here, the better off you may be financially.

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