Construction Update: Ashbury

It’s been a couple months since we updated on our progress at Ashbury, a brand new multi-family development in northeast Calgary. If you’re not familiar with Ashbury, it’s is the newest addition to Saddlestone, and the unique design of this project has been just one of the draws for buyers. Additionally, the modern features in the 24 townhomes offer buyers innovative options and affordability too.

Despite some delays due to inclement weather, we’re excited to bring you another update on construction on Ashbury:

  • Building 1 and 2 are still in the process of having the foundation installed. Due to the heavy rainfall that has fallen over the last two months, this part of the project has been delayed until drier conditions came our way.
  • Building 3 is going through the phase of being staked out, and once that’s complete, foundation will begin being poured here as well.

If you’re not familiar with some of the lingo we’ve used, check out our Construction Glossary. Whether you’re waiting for your new home in Ashbury, or are just interested in learning more about this project or the community of Saddlestone, you’ll find more insight on our website here.