Construction Update: The Brownstones

Time really flies when you’re making progress! Another week by, and more updates to bring those awaiting their new home in The Brownstones at Sage Meadows. Here’s where our crews are at in the construction phase:

Block 5 crews are in the process of drywalling and taping the walls in preparation for painting this building. Up next will be to begin texturing and priming of the walls.

Block 6 is in the midst of having the garages prepped and concrete slabs poured for this part of the building. Once that phase is completed, crews will start on progress reports for this block.

Approximately 35 days prior to possession, you’ll receive a possession letter and you’ll have a short to-do list before move-in day. On the date of possession, you’ll be handed the keys—the home is now yours!

If you’re not familiar with some of the lingo we’ve used, check out our Construction Glossary. Whether you’re waiting for your new home in The Brownstones, or are just interested in learning more about this project or the community of Sage Meadows, you’ll find more insight on our website here.