Countdown to Christmas: 25 days of home tasks to get prepared

The countdown is officially on—we are less than one month until Christmas! If you’re ready to get your home holiday-ready, we’ve got an easy checklist of 25 home tasks to get yourself prepared for the holidays.

  1. First thing to do, is get a tree! Daily Hive published this guide on where to buy a Christmas tree in Calgary, though many grocery and hardware stores have them as well.
  2. Get your lights together! Use certified lights only, from organizations such as: CSA, ULC, CUL, etc. Use indoor lights inside only, and outdoor lights outside only. Outdoor lights burn too hot for the indoors, and indoor lights aren’t weatherproof for your exterior.
  3. Inspect your lights before use, check for cracked bulbs and frayed wires on the strings.
  4. Repair! Instead of buying new holiday lights, decorations or apparel, why not fix up the stuff you have? A little refresh can give anything new life, and then you’re not replacing something that works perfectly fine.
  5. Choose decorations that are flame-retardant only (these can be a major safety hazard at the holidays).
  6. Create a budget for all of your holiday spending, including food, decor and gifts.
  7. Decide on a schedule for events, travel, guests, etc.
  8. Do an inventory of everything you have and everything you need: decorations, dinnerware, etc.
  9. Write and send out holiday cards (don’t leave it to the last minute).
  10. Head to a local market, like Market Collective, to find some handmade locally created home decor.
  11. Check out some of the holiday lights displays like Airdrie Festival of Lights.
  12. DIY! instead of allocating money for gifts and holiday decor this year, why not try your hand at some do-it-yourself ideas? Getting crafty and creative will give you the opportunity to give unique and thoughtful gifts, without the dent in your monthly funds. After all, it’s the thought that counts at the holidays, not the price tag.
  13. Do your shopping early! Shop local whenever you can.
  14. Make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in good working order, you’ll likely have additional people in your home during the holidays so you want to make sure everyone is safe.
  15. If you have a fireplace, make sure it’s had the maintenance done, these can be a real fire hazard.
  16. The food is usually a focal point for holiday get-togethers, and if you don’t have some secret family recipes in the vault, Pinterest has some great holiday dish ideas that will appease any dietary restrictions too.
  17. Get the groceries, look for savings and deals on big ticket items like turkeys or desserts.
  18. Create a Christmas tablescape: the holidays brings people together around your table, so give it some festive appeal. There are many ways, both simple and extravagant, to create a Christmas tablescape.
  19. If you have guests coming in from out of town, ensure your home is ready for overnight guests. This means ensuring the bathrooms are cleaned and well stocked with extra towels, toilet paper, etc. Have a bedroom setup with bedding, and in most cases—keep the coffee stocked!
  20. If you will have elderly guests, make sure your driveway and walkway is clear and easily accessible, as well as clear railings on stairs.
  21. Similar considerations should be made for little ones visiting your home, baby-proof your home if necessary and keep hazardous and dangerous items out of reach for children.
  22. Clean! Tidy your home, especially the rooms in which you’ll be entertaining. Make sure the kitchen is especially clutter-free, to prepare for all the food and people that will be coming in and out.
  23. Stay on top of safety considerations like keeping your tree watered and walkway clear.
  24. Gather your friends and family, and…
  25. Enjoy the holiday season!