Debunking common myths about the suburbs

When you are on the hunt for a new home, you have a choice between urban or suburban communities. While there are benefits to both, it comes down to what makes sense for you and your family. To get you on board with the suburban lifestyle that we love so much, here’s some truths behind common myths about the suburbs.

  • Myth: new means more money. In many cases, new does equate to a higher price tag (new cars, new clothes, etc.). However, home buying is unique in that it you actually get more for your money in a new build. When compared to housing options in urban communities, suburban areas offer homebuyers a lot more for their money when it comes to home square-footage and yard space.
  • Myth: it’s too secluded. In a suburb community, the amenities are built when your home is so you actually have more access to the things you need. You won’t have to drive all over looking for groceries, gas or shopping, because suburban communities are equipped with everything you need. Most suburb communities are complete with 4-5 nearby grocery stores, never mind all the other day-to-day amenities a family may need.
  • Myth: there’s no green space in new communities. Just because these developments aren’t established doesn’t mean there’s no nature in mind. Suburb communities tend to be designed with green space and nature in mind. Because of the further proximity, residents of the suburbs can enjoy all that the great outdoors has to offer, with the convenience of the city.
  • Myth: it’s too easy to be lazy. It’s a common belief that suburbs are not walkable communities, and therefore you have to drive everywhere. This could not be farther from the truth. With plenty of nearby parks, playgrounds and cycle/walking trails, suburb communities offer a lot of outdoor recreation options. But, many suburb communities also boast top-of-the-line recreation facilities, like the Genesis Centre near Saddlestone in Calgary’s northeast.

Now that we’ve debunked some of the myths, here’s some other perks to consider:

  • More parking: one of the biggest gripes that urban homeowners seem to have is the lack of parking, especially in condos. This is not an issue for suburban homeowners, and one of the greatest benefits that some take for granted.
  • Pet paradise: one of the benefits of suburban living, is one that your pets will enjoy—open space! Besides the comfort of more space in a home for your pet, with a yard and so much park and green space nearby, your furry friend can enjoy the great outdoors too.
  • Tranquility: far enough away from urban bustle but close enough to access it when needed, suburb communities offer families a more peaceful and quiet atmosphere.
  • Schools: newer suburb communities have the added benefit of access to multiple schools, and newer schools that aren’t overcrowded. For example, the Airdrie community of Pier 11 has over 10 schools within nearby range.

If you’re looking to live the suburban lifestyle with your family, we are building in communities in both Airdrie and Calgary, check out our homes on our website