Easy ways to create more storage at home

Whether you live in small space or boast extra square footage, you can maximize the space you have and with some creative planning, you can create extra storage at home and have all the room you need. Having ample storage options will keep your home clutter-free and clean, making your life a little easier too.

Here’s some easy ways to create more storage at home:

  • Under the bed: your bed can actually be a large secret storage compartment if you do things right. You can actually buy a bed with built-in shelves underneath or hidden storage areas, or you can get creative on your own. Invest in some properly-sized boxes and take advantage of the big space under your bed for storing bedroom items like shoes, bags, luggage, etc.
  • Benches and chests: there’s plenty of clever furniture that works double duty, if you’re looking to buy a couple of pieces, look for benches or chests that open, leaving hidden spaces for storing all those items that don’t have homes.
  • Shelves: when you seem to run out of storage space on the floors, it’s time to utilize the vertical space you have—walls. Try putting up shelves or shelving units in places like bathrooms and kitchens. You’ll quickly remove a lot of items from your countertops if you make a home on some shelves.
  • Hooks and racks: similar thinking as utilizing shelves, but hooks are easier to install and take up less space. Some creative kitchens store pots, pans and coffee mugs on hooks. Another idea for hooks: install some underneath your kitchen cabinets.
  • Cubbies and boxes: if you keep in mind that everything should have a home, you’ll soon see the need for boxes and/or cubbies. Cubbies are great for libraries, offices and kids rooms, where boxes will give a home for everything you own. Boxes don’t always have to be hidden, you can find beautifully designed ones or decorate your own.
  • Dressers and drawers: besides adding lots of storage space to any room, these pieces can be centrepieces as well if you shop wisely. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, some furniture hacks and creativity will make any unit look unique. We found some easy furniture hacks on Pinterest.

Besides freeing up extra space in your home, sometimes these storage tricks can make for great decor accents as well. If you’re looking for some great DIY storage ideas, check out our board on Pinterest.