Eight Tips for Moving Into and Getting Settled in Your New Home

You have waited months while your dream home has been built from the ground up, and your closing is quickly approaching. We fully understand the excitement of buying your first home from our home builders in Calgary that we built just for you. Once you take possession of your home, we want to share with you some great move-in tips to help get you settled faster.

  1. Verify utilities are on before move in. Your electric and water may already be on and just have to be transferred into your name at closing. Yet, you will still need to schedule cable, internet, and phone service connections.
  2. Take a few days off of work. Turn a short two-day weekend into a four day weekend. Having two extra days will help you get everything unpacked and put away. Otherwise, if you are like most of us, you’ll unpack the important things and then still have boxes left to unpack that get stacked in a closet somewhere and forgotten about.
  3. Familiarize yourself with your new appliances. If you had us install your appliances for you, take a little time to get to know how they work. Review the owner’s manuals to learn about the different features and options on each one.
  4. Find out where the water main shut-off is located. If you were not shown this during your walk-through inspection, take the time to find out now. Should there be a reason or issue where you need to shut the water off to the entire home, you will be glad you know where the shut-off is located.
  5. Locate your breaker box and know what each breaker controls. You will want to take the time to see what each breaker switch controls in your new home. The switches will already be labeled to make it easier. Bigger breakers are normally for appliances and your furnace, while smaller ones are for light switches and electrical outlets.
  6. Get to know your neighbours. If you haven’t introduced yourself to your neighbours yet, take the time to do this sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, the harder it can be to talk to your neighbours. A great way to get to know them better is to invite them to your housewarming party.
  7. Host a housewarming party. Invite friends, relatives, and your new neighbours once you are unpacked and settled. Another option is to host an unpacking party and get help unpacking to get settled faster.

friends and neighbors celebrating party with drinks

  1. Create files for all of your new home paperwork. You will want different files for your home mortgage, home warranty, appliance owner’s manuals, and so on. Set aside a separate filing drawer or another area where you can easily store and access this paperwork.

Getting settled into your new home is not difficult when you plan ahead. If you want to build a new home or are looking for newly built houses for sale in Calgary NW, NE, or Airdrie, please feel free to contact Genesis Builders Group at (403) 265-8079 today!