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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is there moisture/ice on my windows?

A. Due to temperature differences and moisture content in the home air (humidity).
Keep blinds open 2 – 3 inches, refer to your humidity document for more information on controlling indoor humidity levels.

Q. Why do I feel a draft on my windows?

A. Due to warm air movement/heat across the window surface.
To test if this is air infiltration, use a lighter or match to see if the flame moves.

Q. Why is the trim around my windows cracking and separating from the window?

A. The home is settling.
The trim and the window are made of different materials, as the home moves and settles the caulking or DAP will crack. At your final inspection/trade’s day, we will show you the product used and how to apply it going forward.

Q. Why is water dripping from my bathroom fan?

A. Due to condensation in the venting through a cold zone.
Leave your bath ventilation fans on for a minimum of 20 minutes after any shower or bath to allow proper moisture ventilation. Refer to your humidity document for more information.

Q. Why is one room colder than another?

A. It is further away from the furnace; harder to keep air warm on long runs of venting.
Keep the furnace filter clean, ensure all vents and air returns are unobstructed, partially close heat registers or vents closest to the furnace.

Q. Why does my floor/staircase sometimes squeak?

A. This is due to normal expansion and contraction. Humidity levels play a role in this as well.
Refer to your humidity document for more information. It is important to note, not all floor squeaks can be rectified.

Q. Why is my door sometimes hard to open or close?

A. Due to interior and exterior temperature differences.
Adjust the door sill or catch plate with a screw driver.

Q. Why do I have cracks in my basement/garage pad?

A. Due to the drying out process.
The basement and garage floors are not a structural component of your home. Depending on the width of the crack, this can be filled using a caulking type material. Please refer to your Concrete Care documentation for acceptable and not acceptable crack widths.

Q. If there is a void under my sidewalk, will it sink?

A. No, it will not sink.
Walkways are reinforced by steel and attached to the wall of your home or garage. If you have a void, ensure to fill it with a clay-based soil so animals do not enter the area and make their home. Contact us to have some clay-based fill dropped off for you to use.

Q. Why is the ground near my house settling?

A. This is the area that was previously excavated, the backfill area.
Once the Final Grade Certificate is obtained, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to fill settled areas. Ensure to use clay-based fill, using top soil will settle further.

Q. When will I receive my Developers Complimentary Landscaping Package?

A. Once we have obtained the Final Grade Certificate.
The respective landscaping company, for your area will reach out to you and provide the details of the package and dates they can complete. This is a Complementary Package, provided by the Developer. Landscaping materials is not covered under the home warranty. For questions or concerns regarding your Complimentary Landscaping Package, please contact the landscaper that completed the work.