What makes the Veteran’s food bank different ?

In October 2018, the Veterans Association Food Bank opened their doors to provide assistance to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms and rights. Their mission? To provide anyone currently serving or has honourably served in the Canadian Armed Forces, Commonwealth Allies, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Peacekeepers, Merchant Marines, or Ferry Command (Coast Guard) with access to food and community programming in a safe, welcoming environment where their voices can be heard.

Is it related in any way to the Food Bank?

The Veterans Food Bank of Calgary has no affiliation with the Food Bank,The Magic of Christmas, or Allan Reid. The Veterans Association Food Bank is supported and operated by Veterans with 100% of donations going directly to the Food Bank and Veterans programs.

Where can I drop off for the Veteran’s Food Bank?

Non-perishable drop off locations for the Veterans Association Food Bank are located across Calgary,

How do they deliver support to veteran’s in need?

Building hampers is a core offering of the Veterans Association Food Bank. They’re offered year-round and include canned goods, condiments, fish and meat, beverages, non-perishable groceries, toiletries and cleaning supplies. The food bank also include gift cards for the Veterans to purchase any other items they may require.

How can I get involved in the hamper program?

There are two options:

1. The first is to build a hamper and deliver it to a veteran. The charity also helps veterans put away the items in their hamper as many of them do not have the mobility or opportunity to interact with others.

2. The second option is to sponsor a hamper ($450). Cheques can be made out to the Veterans Association Food Bank and Interac e-transfers can be sent to Donations of any amount can be made through their website at any time.

Are there other ways I can show my support?  

There’s lots of ways! Including:

Through their SkipTheDepot app, you can ditch the need to drop off and signup for bottle pickup with the Food Bank instead.

Give the gift of your time; the food bank is always looking for extra hands to help around the warehouse and with administrative tasks.

Help organize and plan a community event in your area to raise funds

Host a food drive in your neighbourhood – the Veteran’s Food Bank team will provide collection bins and pick-up all donations after the drive is over

Unfortunately, the number of veterans is increasing and the need is great. Food and financial assistance are required year-round in order to keep the shelves stocked and hampers readily available. Monetary funding is critical in the prevention of homelessness and mental health crisis; ensuring that veterans have a safe and welcoming place to come to.

If you want to get involved, please contact 403-FOR-VETS and visit our showhomes today to make a donation to our food drive.