Holiday Safety Tips

Wow, the big day is only one week away! As exciting as the holidays are, there is much to remember during the Christmas season. Let us help set the scene: you’re decorating the house, having people stay over, travelling far distances and cooking extravagant meals. This is all part of the much-loved Christmas celebrations, but there is also a hazardous side. It’s important to remember to be safe around the holiday season, with the additional safety concerns that arise this time of year. Here are a few things you can do to help prepare inside and outside for the holiday season:

Preparing Your Home Indoors


When deciding what kind of tree you want to adorn your home, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you choose a real tree, it’s important to get it freshly cut. When picking your tree at the store, test out the needles; they should bend when you press on them, not break. Ensure the stump is still sticky with resin and make sure to give it lots of water once it’s indoors. If you decide to use an artificial tree, you’ll want to make sure it and all of its decorations are flame resistant or retardant. When setting up any kind of tree in your home, make sure it’s not blocking any doors or close to any heat sources. No one wants to have to call the fire department on Christmas.


Decorating our homes and Christmas trees are part of what makes the holidays so special. When using lights, make sure that they are correctly labelled for indoor or outdoor use. If you’re stringing several strands together, make sure to read the box so that you know how many can safely be plugged in at one time. For overall safety, we recommend turning off all lights before bedtime.

Preparing the Outside of Your Home


Living in Alberta, we know that snow is practically a guarantee around the holidays. It’s important to keep your walkway and driveway clear of snow for many reasons. Keeping sidewalks clear of snow means that there is less risk of falling or the snow melting into ice. You also avoid a pesky fine given by the city for an unsafe walkway. Keeping your driveway clear ensures that visitors will be able to get in and out of your yard with ease. No one wants to spend Christmas Day towing a car out of a foot of snow.


Whether you’re visiting friends and family, or they’re visiting you, it’s important to drive for the conditions. If it snowed overnight, you’ll want to leave yourself extra time to get to your destination. If it was warm yesterday and froze overnight, be prepared for icy conditions. To ensure your ride will be as safe as possible, check the road reports, have winter tires and fully clean off your vehicle before you set off on your journey.

For more safety tips, please visit the City of Calgary website.

With that said, we hope you have a lovely, safe holiday season!