Home decor inspiration: incorporating nautical style

Inspired by maritime landscape and architecture, Bayside Pier 11 in Airdrie is a community that looks and feels like a charming seaside resort. The homes in Pier 11 are designed with intricate rooflines and traditional decorative trim, and while we’ve used nautical inspiration for these homes’ exteriors and interior finishings, you can incorporate this type of style into your decor with a few easy tips.

  • Oversized prints: giant prints of nautical-themed items or patterns are a modern way to incorporate seaside style. Find prints of things like sailboats, ocean landscapes, beaches, starfish, lighthouses, anchors—the possibilities are endless.
  • Nautical accents: whether big or small, decorative accents like model sailboats, lighthouses or starfish are an easy and bold way to tie together the nautical style in any room.
  • Rope: this is one of the most cost-effective and easy ways to bring together nautical style, thicker rope does the trick the best and you can use it almost anywhere. Try wrapping it around a table lamp base, lining a table or picture frame, or simply balled up for effect.
  • Linen: something subtle like linen-covered lampshades or burlap cushions will give a cruise line feel to the room. If you want something more bold, try nautical-themed linens for the bedroom or bathroom.
  • Driftwood: beach driftwood can be used in as simple a fashion as placing it as decorative accents around the home, or you can get crafty with a DIY project like creating a lamp out of the material. Another idea for incorporating wood in a beach-inspired way, is to put reclaimed wood to work. A big trend in home decor right now is using reclaimed wood for sliding barn doors inside homes or as headboards in the bedroom.
  • Blue, white and red: the stars of any design scheme in the home are colours, and the universal palette for nautical style is red, white and blue shades. Crisp red is usually a consistent shade, but various shades of blue will give the seaside look and feel. Softer hues of blue will create a more subtle and modern look, while bold and deep shades of blue will make various parts of the room pop. Use the colours a paint choice, or for the anchor points in the room like decor accents or furniture.
  • Stripes: this pattern is pretty widely recognized as being associated with nautical style, and again, incorporating stripes can either be a subtle or bold addition. Ideas for stripes: wall paint, linens, throw pillows, prints or more. The possibilities are endless!

Need some more inspiration? See how we incorporated nautical design elements into our Bayside Pier 11 showhomes, by taking a tour on our Houzz page. If you’re interested in learning more about the maritime-themed community of Bayside Pier 11 in Airdrie, you can find out more on our website.