Home Maintenance Checklist

There’s no fighting it, winter is here. While the temperatures are getting colder, if you take care of a few home maintenance items each month, you can prevent future damages and keep your home in tip-top shape.

Here’s three maintenance items to tackle this month:

Inspect your home for excessive moisture: excess humidity in your home can lead to serious issues in the future, like mould. According to CMHC, four people generate nine litres of moisture in a home each day, just from regular activities. Check for obvious signs of excess moisture: water spots, condensation on windows, etc.

Check your furnace filters: if your furnace filter is dirty, either remove it and clean it thoroughly, or replace it. Take caution and read the instructions before you attempt to remove any filter to avoid injury and/or electrical shock.

Check your home for interior maintenance: this is a good time of year to tackle smaller maintenance jobs like: damaged weather stripping, chipped paint, etc. You should always have a tool kit on hand to take care of these smaller jobs.