Home Maintenance Tips for Fall

Most people consider the fall to be the best time to take on home maintenance and repair projects. It’s not too hot, and the cold and snow of the winter haven’t set in yet. Home builders in Calgary have efficiency and convenience in mind, but, once you own your home, there are many things to do to boost energy efficiency and minimize the impact of winter weather.

Top maintenance tips for this fall include:

  • Tending to your natural surroundings – If trees near your house show signs of poor health, hire a professional to prune them so that falling limbs don’t become a problem later. Dead branches, a sign of disease, should be removed to prevent the issue from spreading. Colorful leaves on the ground can be pretty, but rake them to avoid problems with your spring bloom.
  • Cleaning gutters and downspouts – Fallen leaves and other debris can easily clog these, causing rainwater to pool up and cause structural damage. A cleaning job requires a ladder, so it may be wise to hire a professional skilled in this area.
  • Exterior repairs – Houses for sale in Calgary NW have all-new materials, but siding, roofs, and foundations can develop problems over time. Repairs should be made before the cold weather and ice. Gaps should also be sealed. These can allow moisture in, not to mention small animals such as mice that look for warm shelter.
  • Check for safety issues – Inspect your walkways, stairs, driveway, and railings for problems. Slippery ice alone can be a hazard. The risks only increase if you have unsteady railings or cracks or dips in the pavement.
  • Install/replace weather stripping – If it is missing or inadequate, cold air can seep through your doors and windows and increase energy costs. The proper sealing will prevent drafts from getting in and keep the heat inside.
  • Stay on top of maintenance – Replace furnace and heating filters and maintain your hot water system. Make sure attic insulation and ventilation are adequate and make sure pipes are insulated to prevent them from freezing and bursting. For more maintenance points, refer to this fall home maintenance checklist.

apartment building with colorful autumn trees

  • Maintain your garden – Divide and move perennials, add mulch, and even use dead leaves as mulch. Aerating and fertilizing your lawn is a good idea as well while sowing cool-season grasses allows them to germinate and build roots before they freeze. This also helps store nutrients in advance of spring.
  • Get your chimney/fireplace cleaned and inspected – An annual cleaning now can prevent a chimney fire during the winter. Also, get your fireplace flue tested to make sure the seal is tight.
  • Properly stow your outdoor belongings – That includes lawn mowers (complete with use of fuel stabilizers), removing garden hoses from faucets, draining your sprinkler system, and ensuring your drainage flows away from the house and foundation.

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