How to Buy New Appliances for Your Newly Built Home or Condo

Designing the interior aspects of your new home gives you some flexibility in choosing flooring, wall colours, and more. Part of the new-construction home- or condo-buying experience is selecting what new appliances you want in your new kitchen and laundry room.

When selecting appliances, it is important to choose ones that will fit with your décor and colour of the room. One of the best options is to choose appliances through our new home and new condo builders in Calgary. We have several different models and colour choices already available that can be included in your home financing.

However, if you decide you would rather purchase your own appliances, that is also an acceptable option. In this case, aside from the colour aspect, other tips for buying the right appliances include:

  1. Measure the space three times. You need to make sure your new appliances will fit into the space correctly. You need to measure the depth, width, and height of each area where an appliance will be installed. Ask a friend or your loved one to also measure the space three times to verify you have accurate measurements.
  2. Consider which features and options you need versus want. Many modern appliances have tons of features and options, from touch button controls and touchscreens to internet connectivity. It is a good idea to make a list of which ones you absolutely need and those you want but could live without.

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  1. Evaluate your own appliance usage habits. If you like dining out and using your microwave more than your cooktop or oven, then do you really want a cooktop and oven with every possible feature and option? Sure, the latest technologies are great but, if you are not going to use them that often, you could save some money by getting models with basic features and options.
  2. Look for energy-efficient models. You want to choose appliances that are EnergyStar® rated and which have energy-efficient features. This will translate to lower energy bills.
  3. Get an idea of what “decibel ratings” mean. The last annoyance you want is a bunch of loud appliances. To give you an idea, garbage disposals can range between 90 and 95 decibels, which is rather loud. Appliances should be rated around 50 decibels or less for the least amount of noise. Don’t forget to verify the decibel rating on your ventilation hood, too, as some of these can be very loud.
  4. Negotiate on the price. Since you are buying an entire set of appliances for your new home, it is acceptable to barter about the total price. Taking the time to do this could save you several hundreds of dollars. Plus, insist on free home delivery and installation to close the deal.

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