How to keep your deck safe this season

The spring weather has been good to us so far, and with extra time at home, you’re probably spending a lot more time on your deck. Deck accidents are usually preventable, so it’s important to keep your outdoor space as safe as possible for you and your family.

Check things out 

The first thing you should do is complete a thorough check of your deck to check for things like decaying wood, cracks anywhere or signs of rust or erosion on metal fasteners.

“The deck’s ledger board, the board that runs along the side of the house and attaches the deck to your home, undergoes the most stress and is the area where most deck failures occur. Pay special attention to this area or, better yet, call in a certified professional for an inspection.” – Mike Holmes, HGTV

If your deck has a railing, give it a tug or pull to ensure it won’t give way if someone is putting pressure or leaning on it. This is particularly important if you have small children at home!

Give it a thorough clean 

Sweep away debris, dirt, leaves and other items from the deck. Certain debris that falls naturally on our deck, can make for combustible fire hazards if you’ve got a BBQ outside as well. After doing a full sweep, give your deck a high-pressure clean with the hose or other mechanism.

Check the lighting

If you have already thought of lighting on your deck—great! If not, it’s not just for decor, but lighting doubles as a safety measure for evenings on your deck. Make sure you check all the bulbs in your outdoor lights or install some if you don’t have any.

Check your furniture and accessories 

Everything on your deck needs to be just as safe as the deck itself. Give all your outdoor furniture a thorough safety check for sturdiness, as well as any outdoor decor or accents.

Check the grill 

If you have a BBQ on your deck, give it a deep clean on all surfaces including inside the grilling area. You also want to ensure that your BBQ isn’t sitting up against your home or any other surfaces. It should be a distance apart from everything on all sides to prevent fires.

Whether you have a deck at home or are planning to build one, it’s safety first! Enjoy the nice weather and stay safe.