How to prepare your home for a house full of guests

This weekend marks the first big holiday weekend of 2018 — are you ready? In addition to preparing a delicious menu and Easter-themed decor, you want to ensure your home is ready to accommodate all the extra people this weekend too.

  • Create a schedule: it will be easier to coordinate events, travel, guests, running errands, etc. if you have a schedule with everything you need to get done before the big day.
  • Do an inventory: make a list of everything you have already and everything you still need: dinnerware, groceries, etc.
  • Get your shopping done! Hopefully, all you have left to shop for is the groceries for all the feasting you’ll be doing this weekend. But if you still need to do some gift shopping, you’re running out of time. Try to go local shops that won’t have big lines, or head to the malls during non-peak hours (during regular business hours rather than after work).
  • Check the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors: you’ll likely have additional people in your home during the holidays so you want to make sure everyone is safe.
  • Create a tablescape: Easter-inspired decor on your table looks festive and also takes your dinner hosting to the next level. Add splashes of pastel, or decorate with eggs. A great idea for seating signs is to dip eggs in pastel colours, and then write the name of the person on the egg with a permanent marker. If you want some more inspiration on decorating your table for the Easter feast, here are some great ideas we found on Houzz.
  • Prepare for overnight guests: this means ensuring the bathrooms are cleaned and well stocked with extra towels, toilet paper, etc. Have a bedroom setup with bedding, and in most cases—keep the coffee stocked!
  • Be ready for seniors and babies: make sure your driveway and walkway are clear and easily accessible, as well as clear railings on stairs. Baby-proof your home if necessary and keep hazardous and dangerous items out of reach for children.
  • Clean! Tidy your home, especially the rooms in which you’ll be entertaining. Make sure the kitchen is especially clutter-free, to prepare for all the food and people that will be coming in and out.
  • Stay safe: stay on top of safety considerations.

The most important step of all—have a very happy Easter weekend with whoever you are spending time with!