How to show your home some love for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, and this coming weekend is the perfect opportunity to show your home some love! Whether you are a happy homeowner, moving on or just moved in, here are some easy ways to love your home.

  1. Clean: in a perfect scenario you could deep clean your whole home this weekend, but even if you just pick one room, really clean it. Clean everything from the hinges, doors, walls and everything in between, and see how great you feel (and how great it looks too).
  2. De-clutter: find some time to finally get rid of some of the excess items in your home: old books, unused clothing, old decor, etc. You will be adding some square footage to your home in doing so, and you can even share some love with someone else too by donating the items you get rid of.
  3. Rearrange: whether a big space or a small one, you can give a room a big rejuvenation by simply moving around some of the existing furniture or decor items there. You may even find when you rearrange a room that the flow is much better afterwards and possibly even uncovering some extra space at home.
  4. Paint: brighten or refresh a room in your home by simply adding a coat of paint, perhaps something brighter? For a small but bold change, try painting some old furniture for a new look.
  5. Add some flowers: bring home a bouquet of flowers or a fresh plant, the presence of some beauty will be a nice addition to your home, not to mention the added fresh air and beautiful scent.
  6. Lighten: get around to replacing all the burnt out bulbs in your home, or replacing all your bulbs with new eco-friendly ones (which will also save you money). In addition, adding a lamp to a darker room will not only lighten it but oftentimes give the impression of more space as well.
  7. Add art: give some life to those bare walls at home with a new piece of artwork. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, check out our Pinterest for some inspiration!
  8. Scents: buy some great smelling candles or incense and bring some new scents into your home. For a DIY option, try boiling water with some cinnamon sticks in it for a quick and easy way to fill your home with a cozy scent.
  9. Change your sheets: when was the last time you put on a crisp, fresh set of sheets on your bed? Changing up your bedding will make your next sleep feel like the first time in your bed.
  10. Entertain: show some pride in your home and have some friends or family over for coffee, dinner or an evening party. Spending some time in the home you love is the ultimate way to give back.

Do you have more great ideas for showing your home some love? Please share them with us on Twitter!