How to survive summer family vacations

With summer already half over and school starting again in a month, August is usually jam-packed with camping, last-minute lake trips and all the family vacations you can manage. However, this usually means an extended period of time in close quarters with people that you feel totally comfortable with but may also be comfortable fighting with. Don’t get us wrong, we know you love your family and can’t wait to spend time with them, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to have a few tricks up your sleeve to help pass the time. Here are some tips to make your family vacation just a little bit more enjoyable.

Take your Time

Too often we rush through life: we’re late to work, you spilled your coffee on the way out the door, soccer practice is actually at 6:00 instead of at 7:00. Vacations are for fun and relaxation, so there is no need to rush around. Enjoy your time sightseeing and hanging out with your family while you can because before you know it, you’ll be back at that nine-to-five job.

Find an Audiobook

Family vacations usually mean a lot of time in the car, whether you are road tripping around the country, driving to the grandparents or renting a car at the airport. Even though this travel time is necessary, it’s not always easy being in a vehicle with other people for an extended length of time. Finding an interesting audiobook or podcast can make the car a relaxing place for everyone to sit back and listen, and you’ll even have something to discuss when it’s over.

Provide Snacks

We all know that hungry anger, or “hangry” if you will, that pops up right before lunch time or after a long car ride with no stops. Well, no need to make excuses anymore because there is actual medical research to back up this feeling. When your blood sugar drops, hormones are released to compensate for it and irritability is one of the common side effects, according to Health. Having a ration of snacks in the car for times like this could be a lifesaver.

Make time for YOU

When it’s all said and done, this is still a holiday. Sometimes these last three days but other times they last three weeks. Make sure that you don’t forget to relax while you’re away, it is a holiday after all! Whether fishing, running or laying in the sun and reading a book help you unwind, make sure that you treat yourself, as well as your family, this holiday.

All in all – ditch the routine, sleep in, spend time outside and have fun. Vitamin D is also a great way to boost your mood. If you do butt heads with a family member, its ok. Remember that you are all there to spend time together and enjoy yourselves, it won’t last forever. Know yourself and what you need to relax – his is called a vacation. Remember, there is only one month of summer left!