How Your Home Works for You

The light at the end of the tunnel is small but growing as Phase 3 is on the horizon and we all start slowly venturing out of our houses. We have loved seeing how you made your house your home and adjusted to the new normal.

The next level of intimacy that we all experienced from being stuck in our homes have given us insight into what we would love to change about our house. Whether it’s a full blown reno or just finding more storage for things, we have a better understanding of our house functionality.

In the recent survey that we have been asking our homeowners to fill out (there is still a chance for you to fill it out, details below), we asked what you would change in your home after spending so much time in it. Based on the answers, here are the top five areas of the home that other homeowners would love to modify. Can you relate?

1. Add outdoor patio/deck space

There is a new appreciation for being outside after spending the full day inside your house. Whether that’s adding better seating outside or finishing your yard that you’ve been procrastinating since you moved in, that patio space has become a new living space.

2. Add storage

Extra school or office supplies lying around? Homeowners want to add more storage to their house in general. If you’ve bought new toys to keep your kids occupied or took up a new hobby, those things need somewhere to go. More storage is a must.

3. Add another family space

With everyone being home all the time, it’s clear that having an extra room would be a perk. Being able to spread out by having that extra space means that the kids can be building forts in one space, while you are working from home in another. Maybe that is finishing your basement, adding that deck you’ve wanted or turning a spare bedroom into a TV room – if we’re going to be at home, we need more space to hang out.

4. More sound proofing

Having both parents on conference calls and your kids tackling online homeschooling – it’s a sure-fire way to test the wall thickness in your house. Thank goodness for noise cancelling headphones when you’re trying to watch a show at the same time as your partner, but homeowners are looking to soundproof their homes more permanently.

5. Add air conditioning

This one speaks for itself. We’ve all experienced the debate in the middle of the night of going to sleep in the basement just to cool off. Now that summer is here, installing an air conditioning unit doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

If you haven’t filled out the survey yet, we would love to hear your feedback on your home. There is one more day to fill out the survey before it closes – CLICK HERE to take the survey now.

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