Introducing Transitional Spaces in Genesis Homes

What if your dining room could expand when you host a dinner party? What if your home office could transition into a guest bedroom when the in-laws come to town?

At Genesis Builders Group, we know that your needs are constantly evolving and growing. We believe that your home should be able to change and adapt to your life, too. That is why we are introducing a new innovative home concept to our homes called transitional spaces.

We sat down for a Q & A with our Director of Operations, Mike DeBoer,

to get the full scoop on what inspired the concept of transitional spaces and how this innovative feature comes to life in a Genesis home. Here is what we learned:

What is a ‘transitional space’?

A transitional space is one which literally transforms to adapt to your changing needs. More than just a multi-purpose space, a transitional space changes size and shape at the click of a button to provide you with additional living space where and when you need it.

How does it work?

The transitional space works by mounting walls to a series of high capacity aluminum rails. At the push of a button, either on the wall or through your smart phone, the wall slides on these tracks to transform how a space can be used.

What are the benefits of a transitional space?

Through the introduction of transitional spaces, Genesis Builders Group is able to increase the versatility of a home without growing its size. This means that, for example, you don’t need to buy a larger home just for the rare occasion of hosting a large dinner party; instead your house can adapt to this occasion.

Can you provide an example of how a transitional could be integrated within a new build?

For the Lilac in Sage Meadows, a transitional space has been used to tuck away the Flex Room to make additional space in the Nook. In doing this, the same floor area can be used a home office, bedroom, or expanded dining area with seating for 10.

Who would the transitional space be best suited to?

Transitional spaces are best suited for homeowners that are looking to make smart use of every square foot or their home, and who recognize the evolving needs that their busy lives demand.

Where did the inspiration for the concept come from?

Similar ideas are used in dense cities throughout Europe and Asia where space is at an absolute premium. While our homes don’t share this same level of pressure on space, we were inspired by the versatility and tremendous flexibility that such spaces provide.

Are there currently any other builders in Calgary offering this innovation?

We are not aware of any other home builders in the Calgary and Airdrie area that are doing something similar.

What level of customization is possible with the transitional space?

The actual moving portions of wall are highly specific to the model they are placed in and its structural design. The opportunities for how such spaces can be used, however, is truly endless.

Will the transitional space impact the build time?

The mechanics required to create a transitional space do add complexity to the build process, but this is factored in at the outset of the home’s design and construction stage. Adding this feature is unlikely to have any impact on the possession date quoted at the very beginning of the home-buying process.

Will the transitional space come standard or be considered an upgrade? What should a customer expect to budget for this?

Genesis Builders Group is developing transitional space options for several of our current and upcoming models. Pricing varies based on the size and complexity of the movable portions and depends on whether or not the walls are manual or powered. In all cases, the goal is to provide value to homeowners by increasing the livability of a home without growing its size.

To see transitional spaces in action, visit our new showhome in Sage Meadows. Get showhome directions and hours here.

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