Philanthropy Day: Your guide to giving where you live

Today is National Philanthropy Day, a day to celebrate the philanthropic nature of our communities and our country as a whole. If you’re looking to start giving back in your city or community, here’s some ideas:

  • Donate to a local charity or non-profit: Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season, and the busiest time of need for most non-profits. In addition to donating money, you can also consider donating some of your used clothing or furniture you’re getting rid of after fall cleaning. There are a number of organizations in Calgary and Airdrie that are accepting these kinds of donations all the time. If you don’t have a favourite non-profit or charity in mind, ask for a recommendation from friends or family. 
  • Donate to a local food drive: both Airdrie and Calgary have Food Bank chapters, and this is the time of year they are especially in need of food. You can donate at any time to these organizations, or you can organize your own food drive as well.
  • Volunteer your time: whether it be serving up turkey dinners at a homeless shelter or visiting a hospital, Thanksgiving long weekend is a time of extra need for volunteers. If you don’t have a favourite non-profit or charity, check out Propellus for a list of opportunities.
  • Be a ‘Snow Angel’: the City of Calgary’s Snow Angels program encourages Calgarians to be good neighbours by clearing snowy driveways and sidewalks for those who need assistance. Clearing some snow is a simple gesture that will be very appreciated by those you help.
  • Host a community cleanup: show your neighbourhood some love by getting some neighbours together and taking care of some landscaping, or garbage cleanup. A little cleanup will show your community some much-needed appreciation and will keep things looking good in your area.
  • Host a fundraiser: if donating your own money is not within the realm of your financial capabilities, you can always organize a fundraiser for a local charity or non-profit that you support. This will allow you to support an organization financially, without putting yourself out.

Do you have more ideas for how citizens can give where they live? Please share them with us on social media!