Planning for a successful summer move

If you made the exciting decision to buy a home this summer, congratulations! You’re transitioning from the home you’re used to, to a brand new one. With a successful move comes many different approaches, but we think we’ve got it down to a science. Read on to find out when to do it yourself and when it’s best to pull out the chequebook and let the professionals do the work.

  • Get rid of clutter. This requires a more personal touch so it’s best to do it yourself. You need to decide if the items in your home really need to be there or if they are only there because you forgot about them. This can be hard, but it will make moving much easier. Start the process room by room. Make three different piles to sort things into things to take with you, things you want to donate or sell, and things to be thrown away. Tip: finish a room before moving onto the next so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  • Hire professionals. Packing is a time-consuming job that can use either a ‘do it yourself’ or ‘do it for me’ approach. If you find yourself too busy with work and life, hire movers to come in and pack all of your belongings for you.
  • Again, hire professionals. The actual move itself is often best left to professionals. Many things in your home are heavier and more awkward to carry than you would think. Hiring a moving company to load and unload your belongings can save you a lot of difficult, dangerous work. Check the Better Business Bureau and the Canadian Association of Movers for a list of reputable moving companies.
  • Freshen the space first. Before you move all of your stuff into your new home, get a fresh coat of paint on the walls to freshen up space – it’s much easier to do this when the house is empty. You can definitely do this one on your own as painting is quick, easy and cheap.
  • Clean your new space. Hire a company to do a deep clean before you move into space. This will get rid of any unwanted kitchen grime and dust so you can move into a spotless home.
  • Spruce up the outdoor space. Get some landscaping done before setting up your outdoor space. Start your flower beds and garden, mow the lawn and have everything looking fresh before settling in. This is done more easily without having things like chairs, tables and trampolines in the way. If you enjoy outdoor work, do this yourself; however, if it’s not your thing, hire local students to come and do it for cheap.

For those of you moving this summer, we wish you a successful venture into your new home!