Rediscover Telus Spark During World Space Week

World Space Week takes off this October 4thand runs until October 10th, celebrating the contributions of space science and technology to better mankind on an international level. The best part is, you can learn more about this and take part in Space Week right here in Calgary at TELUS Spark, and here’s how.

TELUS Spark began back in 1967, with curiosity, innovation and collaboration at its inception. A shared interest in educating children and youth to pursue careers in the fields of science, mathematics and technology spurred this group on to create something unique. In 2011, TELUS Spark opened a hands-on, immersive science centre, where kids, teens, adults and the elderly alike can come join in and learn about the science. In hopes of creating a community transformed by culture, TELUS Spark brings together unlikely fields to create something beautiful and intriguing that can be appreciated by all.

Found just off Deerfoot Trail in Calgary’s northeast, TELUS Spark is home to the largest functioning Rubik’s Cube, themed events, hundreds of hands-on science displays as well as bountiful information on the world as we know it today. The Brainasium allows for play and outdoor learning to collide while the open studio indoors sparks creativity for those wanting to explore art, math, style and technology. Whether you want to be ‘wowed,’ learn how rocks form or understand how sound travels, hours of educated entertainment await you at this science centre.

If you really want to immerse yourself in cosmic information and space exploration, consider catching a show at the Dome Theatre this coming week. Live planetarium shows and movies play each and every day at this immersive experience. A narrated story complete with theatre visuals, The Dome never fails to impress with its high-quality imagery and in-depth topics, educating and astounding at all once. And the best part? These shows are included with your admission ticket, therefore requiring no extra cost. All week long, check out Space Next at The Dome Theatre inside TELUS Spark.

This forty-minute film provides a glimpse of what future life could look like with space exploration:

“The journey to reach the stars began with our earliest dreams of flying and led to
landing on the moon and sending a probe to Pluto. But that’s only the beginning. Told from the point of view of the first generation born outside of Earth, Space Nextoffers a glimpse into tomorrow, and the possibilities of what is to come by way of private space developments and national space programs. The result is a mesmerizing display of interplanetary excellence sure to inspire a generation of explorers, scientists and dreamers.”

Who else is buying their admission passes to TELUS Spark ASAP? Join us in learning more about space and the cosmos as we enter World Space Week. Not pumped about space? No worries, this science centre is full of fun, educating displays that will keep you entertained, no matter your interest.

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