The 10 Best Websites for Home Design Inspiration

Everyone wishes the inside of their home had a Martha Stewart feel or that their living room just screamed Jillian Harris designs. We all want to have homes like the greats, but sometimes our bank accounts simply don’t agree with our home décor taste. However, that’s not to say that you can’t try to have it all. Here are 10 great resources to help tap into your creative side and design away, with or without a budget.

  1. Houzz

Create the home you’ve always wanted with Houzz’s innovative, modern-day designs. This site will help you discover design ideas, shop for your house and find home professionals to finish the job. Plus, Houzz now delivers over 1 million products to Canada. That’s right, get shopping!

Looking for an architect, contractor, mover or perhaps a swimming pool builder? Houzz has all your home design professionals located in one convenient location.

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is THE site to look for artistic inspiration before spending the big bucks. Creative folks out there see gorgeous designs – in celebrity homes, trendy restaurants, even on the runway – then attempt to create a similar look with their own personal flare, often at a fraction of the cost. This provides you with options before you decide which way to go with your space. Want to know the best part? Many designs you see on Pinterest are purchasable, since this platform is a blend of home remedies, décor ideas and business promotions.

  1. HGTV

DIYs, the hottest trends, budget-friendly designs – it’s all here on HGTV. This might be one of the hippest design sites you can find on the Internet, with everything from ‘How to Make a PVC Cup Holder for the Beach’ and ‘DIY Shark Towels for Kids’ to ’12 Things to Buy with Your Pet’s Face on it’ and so many more. Truly design until you drop after exploring this breathtaking site. Plus, watch full episodes from their very own TV show!

  1. Style at Home

Style for the chic and the classy. Whether you are a first-time decorator, hosting a backyard soiree or redoing a room in your home, Style at Home paints a picture with poise and elegance. Check out the section on celebrity homes so you can drool of multi-million dollar homes or perhaps peruse the budget decorating section to learn how you can do it for cheaper!

  1. Western Living

Modern, dramatic, contemporary, sleek – at Western Living, they really have it all. This magazine is bursting with fresh perspectives, trade secrets and shopping finds that will dazzle your eyes when they adorn your home.

  1. House Beautiful

Ever wonder how to make it feel like you’re on vacation while at home? Try tropical wallpaper! This is just one of House Beautiful’s genius ideas to make your home feel the way you want it to. Makeover your kitchen, utilize small spaces and renovate the outdated so that you too love the way your home makes you feel.

  1. Domino

Read, shop and get inspired with this 3-in-1 site. Domino allows you to read about current trends and other home designers’ successes and failures, while also motivating you to think creatively before shopping innovatively. Get that new trendy area rug you’ve been wanting here.

  1. My Domaine

My Domaine talks style and class, but also about creating a life. Focusing on travel, living, food and motherhood, this website is a one-stop site to meet and style all your healthy living needs. Do you really need to know about ‘This Vintage Eclectic 1920s Spanish Colonial Home’ or ‘The 35 Best Amazon Prime Daily Deals for Decor?’ Yes, why yes you do.

  1. Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping has got your back. Whether you need inspiring room ideas, quick makeover tips or useful products to create a happy space, there are pages and pages of articles for your perusal. Plus, don’t forget home hair and skincare treatments, go-to grilling recipes and upbeat workouts. Good Housekeeping isn’t just about decorating, it’s about living a good, happy, healthy life.

  1. Elle Décor

Last but most certainly not least, Elle Décor. The photographs on this site say it all. Stunning, elegant and dashingly modern barely scratch the surface when describing the lavish designs Elle Décor displays. Design and style your home the way celebrities do with their articles on ‘Why your next bathroom needs to be yellow’ or ‘7 Kitchen Trends that are Dominating 2018.’

If you weren’t ready to redesign your home before reading this article, how about now??

Happy designing!