The benefits of having a garage

You may think of a home garage in the city has a given, but not all properties come equipped with this amenity. Apartments, condos and townhouse complexes often have an underground parkade or designated parking lot for vehicles whereas homes generally have street parking or a driveway with the option of a garage. Having a garage can increase your property value significantly and it can be a huge selling point if you ever decide to rent out or sell your home.

A garage has many uses and it often functions as several things at one time. If you’re humming and hawing over building a garage on your property, here are four unique possible uses for space, depending on your budget, interest and available space.

1. Basic Use

When you hear the word garage, you instantly think of a place to park your car. Besides a lawn mower, a couple of rakes and your snow shovel, this simple garage will protect your car from the elements and house a few outdoor / gardening supplies. Something this basic could be completed for around $10,000. Not a bad investment when property experts say this could boost your property value by over $30,000.

2. Upgraded Use

The basic garage is great for your car, but what about all your other stuff? Update your garage by adding shelving, heating, even proper lighting so that you can find that watering can next spring with ease. When it comes to shelving options, there are standing shelves that can line the room, shelves that can be mounted to the wall or even hanging shelves. This garage allows you the convenience and comfort of further storage for your car, gardening tools, sporting equipment, hobbies – really anything that you want out of your house.

3. Man Cave

One step further – make the garage your new hangout spot. Whether you like to work out, brew beer or play the guitar, a garage is a perfect spot to try out new hobbies and hide away after a long day’s work. But ladies, this isn’t an exclusive men’s club. The garage could be your new art studio, gardening space or yoga studio – so get creative! However, since you’ll most likely want this space heated and well furnished, the price tag will exceed that of a basic garage.

4. Secondary Suite

The most expensive option, but potentially the most profitable idea, is turning your garage into a secondary suite for rent. You could convert your current garage into a living space or perhaps build a new one with the garage on the bottom, apartment on the top. These can be a great second source of income, whether you want to rent out to students, put it up on Airbnb or keep it as a guest room.

There you have it – four unique ways to utilize a garage, whether you want to simply use it, furnish it or live in it. You don’t need a car to make a garage worthwhile. It creates ample storage, raises your property value and allows the imagination to run wild with possibilities.