Tips for Staying Safe this Halloween

Whether you’re taking the kids trick-or-treating, turning your home into a haunted house or hosting a ghoulish party, Halloween is a time to have fun but also be aware of safety concerns. Did you know that an estimated 3,500 Halloween-related injuries happen each year?

With numbers like that, it’s important to keep safety in mind this Halloween, so here are some easy tips:

  • Use LED lights in pumpkins: opting out of traditional candles in your jack-o-lanterns will cut down fire risk.
  • Keep walkways and doorways lit: you want to ensure those trick-or-treaters can see where they are walking.
  • Choose flame-resistant costumes: costumes bought in-store should be properly labelled so you can choose appropriately, but whether making your own costume or buying, opt for materials that aren’t flammable.
  • Make sure your entry is secure: you’ll want to fix any loose boards or any potential hazards before you invite visitors to your front door; you want to avoid injuries (and potential lawsuits).
  • Check your smoke alarms: while you should always ensure your detectors are working, with the increased presence of potential fire hazards, you’ll really want to make sure all detectors are working.
  • Keep decorations away from any candles: cut your risk of a fire.
  • Talk to your kids about safety: if you have kids going out without you, ensure they are aware of emergency numbers, and that they carry a flashlight and whistle.
  • Avoid dressing children in masks: anything that can hamper your child’s ability to see could be dangerous.
  • Check treats for tampering: ensure your kids only take treats that are safely sealed, avoid things like open candies or baked treats, etc.
  • Secure your Halloween decorations: is there a risk for any of your decorations falling down and onto someone? Make sure everything is secure.
  • Clear your walkways: proper landscaping and cleanliness will really come in handy in ensuring your visitors can safely and easily get to your door.

Do you have other Halloween safety tips that we missed? Please share them with us on Twitter, and Happy Halloween!