Top 10 ways to get your home organized

After years and years of being in school and then watching your children go through the same routine, September often feels like a fresh start. With a slight chill in the air and the leaves changing colour, September brings with it a new wave of motivation to start the fall off with a bang. Whether you are back from vacation, going back to school or simply settling back into a regular work routine, it is important to get your house organized so that your life has some order again. Here are our top tips for getting your home into tip-top shape:

The Kitchen

  1. Utilize unused space – for example, the outside of cupboards. This is a perfect spot to hang things like pots and pans so that they don’t take up an entire cupboard. Or perhaps you hang your dishtowels and soap on the cupboard so that your kitchen sink area looks crisp and clean at all times. You choose the places that you want to save space.
  2. Plastic bag storage – this is always a hassle and never looks neat! The world is slowly transitioning away from these pesky bags but in the meantime, store extra grocery bags in empty Kleenex boxes. These are a great way to keep the bags contained and to limit how many you keep in the house at one time.

The Bedroom

  1. Always running out of closet space? Us too! Double your hangers by simply adding a pop can tab on to your metal coat hanger’s hook and hooking the second hanger through it. Voila – double your closet space in seconds.
  2. Everyone has that pile of purses that just seems to grow and grow and grow. Organize these by buying shower curtain hooks and hanging a purse on each hook lined up neatly on a closet rod. You can do it by size, colour, whatever you like! This is also a great way to keep tabs on how many purses you’ve accumulated and which ones you should get rid of.

The Garage

  1. Increase storage space by putting up wall shelving and even ceiling storage. Everyone has items that are only used 1-2 times per year, like Christmas decorations or large suitcases, so let these items hang from the rafters with hooks or install a small loft where items can stay until they are needed.
  2. Almost every tool you buy has a small hole on the handle, perfect for slipping a string or hook through. Organize your tools by installing a towel bar or thin railing on the wall and hang your tools to keep your workbench clean and your tools organized.


Give a couple of these organizational tips a try and let us know how they go! There’s no better feeling than starting the week with your house in order. Happy September Calgary! Now, time to start organizing!