Waste Reduction: Recycling and Composting at Home

We are fortunate to live in an area where waste reduction has been made a priority, both the Calgary and Airdrie have made commitments to help their residents reduce their environmental impact, by implementing recycling and organics programs. The City of Calgary in fact, has a goal to divert 80% of waste from its landfills, through their innovative recycling and organics management systems.

To help you make better-informed decisions about your home’s waste reduction, here’s some information for both Airdrie and Calgary residents.


  • Composting/organics: Airdrie has done something innovative, and launched a curbside organics program before implementing a curbside recycling program. Airdrie residents can place organic waste (food, coffee grinds, yard waste, etc.) into their green carts and have it picked up right from their homes. Starting November 1st, bi-weekly organic pick-up service begins again, and a full list of what can and cannot go in your green bins is available here.
  • Recycling: there are two recycling depots in Airdrie (21 East Lake Hill, 2925 Main Street), where Airdrie residents can sort and bring their recyclable items. Information on what you can bring and where, is available here.
  • Seasonal recycling: the City of Airdrie offers seasonal recycling programs in the fall for pumpkins, and residents can place their pumpkins for pickup in their green carts. In the winter, Christmas tree recycling is also available at designated depots. Information is available on seasonal recycling here.


  • Composting/organics: Calgary’s green cart program is in the pilot phase at this point, but in 2017, green bins will be rolled out to single-family homes across the city. All food and yard waste will be accepted in the green cart for year-round, weekly collection. Information on the coming organics program in Calgary is available here
  • Recycling: Calgary has a curbside recycling program, where residents can place their clean, unsorted recyclables right in their designated blue bin for weekly pick-up at their homes. Information on what can go in your blue bin is available here.
  • Seasonal recycling: the City of Calgary is currently running its leaf and pumpkin recycling program at designated drop-off locations, and also holds a winter program for Christmas tree mulching. Information on run dates and designated drop-off spots is available here.

Do you actively reduce waste in your home by recycling and/or composting? We’d love to hear from you, so share with us on Twitter.