What can I bring to the Calgary Stampede?

It’s that time of year again – the Calgary Stampede is in full swing. If you’re heading down to the grounds this week to take in the shows, the food, the music, you’ll need to know what you can and can’t bring through the gates. Here is a list of items that you can bring into the Stampede:

  • Reusable water bottles. There are refill stations all over the grounds to ensure you stay hydrated.
  • Strollers, wagons, wheelchairs and motorized scooters – anything you need to get around.
  • Service animals with proper identification.
  • Backpacks, blankets, lunches, snacks and non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Binoculars and cameras.
  • Chapstick and sunscreen.
  • Vapes and cigarettes for use in smoking areas only.
  • Hats (cowboy hats are recommended, of course).
  • Cell phones and chargers.
  • Raingear, such as umbrellas.
  • Medications, like insulin or naloxone, as long as they are in their original containers.

While all of these items are allowed, it is recommended that you pack light to keep the gates moving quickly. Now, on to the items you cannotbring through the gates:

  • Cannabis is not permitted in any public places in the City of Calgary, so there will be no designated sites.
  • No signs, banners or totems. Anything attached to posts, pool noodles or any other apparatuses to display anything above your head will be taken and not returned.
  • No outside alcohol is permitted.
  • No pets, other than service animals.

If you do end up bringing something that the officials will now allow into the grounds, you can choose to:

  • Take it back to your car.
  • Drop it off at home before heading in.
  • Surrender it to security.

If you choose to leave your item with security, unfortunately, it’s gone for good. They aren’t able to hold onto things for you as there are way too many items confiscated on a daily basis to try and organize.

Now that you know what you can and can’t bring into the Stampede, there should be no issue when you get to the gate. When you arrive, the officials will search your bag for any non-permitted items, and you may be subjected to a body search. If you chose not to be searched, you will not be allowed into the park. Any visitor should arrive assuming they will be searched, so avoid bringing any items that are prohibited.

It seems that the rain has passed, so there is no better time to head down and enjoy the last week of Stampede. Enjoy world-class musicians, delicious food and popular midway rides and games that return year after year. Simply pack accordingly and have a great Stampede, Calgary!