When a House Becomes a _______

As a collective we’ve never spent as much time inside our house as right now. What that means is we are all getting a closer look at what our house looks like, feels like and how it works with our new living situation. People in our community have been getting creative with how they are turning their house into whatever space they are missing right now. Whether that is an office, a classroom or a gym, filling the life voids has become necessary. Think about the house you’re living in right now, how has it evolved to meet your lifestyle needs of you and your family? What has your house become?

During this time, it’s become clear to homeowners that a house is so much more than just a space to sleep. It’s meant to be lived in and now we have the chance to really settle into the homes we have with our family or partners. What you thought was a never-used spare bedroom has now become your daily office, thank goodness it has a big window to let the natural light in. Or maybe it’s become your yoga zen room, a place to escape the rest of your household for just an hour of Zoom yoga or a HIIT class. The linens closet might have an extra yoga mat and weights in it.

None of us thought that the dining room was going to become a classroom, but good thing you bought a big enough table for all of your students. Replacing the China in the cupboard with textbooks and calculators has become the new normal, along with having to learn chemistry again. After school is done, finding different activities to keep everyone entertained has been the key to sanity and success. With a projector and a white sheet, the living room turns into a drive in movie theatre, complete with extra-butter popcorn. That is, if it hasn’t already become a pillow fort for all the stuffed-animals.

Kitchens are now more than just a place to eat, they’ve become a full-blown bakery. What’s on today’s menu? Sourdough bread and maybe some peanut butter cookies. All those Pinterest recipes you saved years ago are finally coming in handy.


Our houses have really become whatever we need them to be, a home for our new life. We would love for you to send photos and videos of how your home as turned into another space (bakery, school, office, gym, etc.). To submit your content, please email your photos and video to To show our appreciation, if you send us a submission you’ll be entered to win a gift card.

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