Why Living in Calgary NW Should be Your Next Move

You want to move but you don’t know which quadrant of the city you want to settle down in. If you’re from Calgary, you might be inclined to stay in the area of the city you grew up in but if you don’t have any ties to one quadrant, exploring different areas to see where you fit in best is always a good idea.

Anyone already living in NW Calgary might sound biased when they tell you it’s definitely the best quadrant to live in but you need to decide for yourself. We’ve compiled a list of some of the great features of the NW and some of the top reasons why living in Calgary NW should be your next move. If you have anything to add, go leave a comment on our Instagram post!

Amenities, Amenities, Amenities

No matter which community in the NW you choose, you will have easy and convenient access to all the amenities you need. From grocery stores, to schools, to churches, playgrounds and green spaces, the NW is abundant with the necessities.

Close to the Mountains

Escaping the city is the perfect weekend activity and when you live in the NW, you are a quick drive to the highway and you’ll be on your way.

Still Close to Downtown

It’s the best of both worlds – being able to hop on the highway to get to the mountains or easily make your way downtown within 20 minutes. You don’t have to worry about a long commute even though you don’t live inner city. Not only is the driving commute a decent time, you also have access to the C-Train and bus system to make it easy.


Find yourself surrounded by greenspaces and parks, not to mention your own backyard. There is lots of space in NW Calgary for you and your family to explore. If you want even a bigger place to play, Nose Hill Park is just a quick jot away.

Build Your Dream Home

As a home builder in Calgary and Airdrie, we’ve scoped out all corners of the city, and if you look at the communities we build in, you’ll notice that Sage Meadows is on the list. If you’re thinking about moving to the suburbs, this is your chance to build the house of your dreams. We still have a few lots left in Sage Meadows, read our interview with Dave Abbey, the sales rep in the community to see why he loves the area.

Make sure you check out NW Calgary if you’re looking for single family homes or homes for sale within the area. If you have any questions about Sage Meadows or building with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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