Why You Should Live in Sage Meadows

Start your next chapter in the sought-after northwest community of Sage Meadows. With a balance of city amenities and a nature escape, this NW community is perfect for anyone looking for suburban living with all the convenience of the city. We called up Dave Abbey, the Genesis Builders sales reps for Sage Meadows to hear why he loves the community and why you should consider Sage Meadows for your next move.

What do you love most about Sage Meadows?

Honestly, the number one thing I love about Sage Meadows is the green space. 60% of all the land here is dedicated to green-space, only 40% is for residential including the West Nose Creek park and the pathway system in the Symons Valley Nature Reserve. Also the amenities. Within 5 minutes, you have Co-Op, Walmart, City Market, Wine and Beyond – everything is already out here. You aren’t going to be living in an area that is under construction for the net 10 years. The only thing we are waiting on is schools, but the spots are ready.

What should people expect when they move into the community?

It’s central, its easy access to the amenities, an easy to the mountains – jump right onto Stoney Trail; and you’re 20 minutes to downtown.

What type of housing can people find in Sage Meadows?

Sage Meadows is almost done! By the end of the summer, we’ll have the community finished. You’ll predominately find 2 storey homes, between the 1880 to 2600 sq foot range. But once again there are only 2 lots left plus there are 4 opportunities for quick possession homes between 2200-2500 sq ft from below 600s-mid 600s.

If you could describe Sage Meadows in three words, what would they be?

Active: People are always walking by to go walk to the creek. All of our show homes back to the park or to the nature reserve. Right behind this show home there is a ball diamond and a spot for a school.

Exclusivity: There are still 5 or 6 chances left, but almost exclusive. We are in the last phase, we are done, this summer we are going to be finished in here. This is your last chance.

Space: One of the cool things about sage meadows, these are some of the last large lots in the NW for the price. In comparison to the other homes in the region, we are larger. The exclusivity on that – it will retain your value better.

Who should move to Sage Meadows?

We are seeing a lot of professionals in sage meadows – this is typically their second, third or fourth house. People are here to “right-size” (not down-size), kids are gone and they are finding a home that properly suits them and the size they need. There are also lots of families here.

You have a few chances left to make your next move to Sage Meadows. With only a couple of lots left to choose from, now is the time to build a home here. You can find Dave at the Genesis show home in Sage Meadows and he can answer any questions you have. Learn more about Sage Meadows HERE.

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