Your home cleaning schedule to make your life easier

Spring cleaning is a great way to give your home a refresh, but when it comes to keeping your home maintained and clean on a regular basis, there is a timeline for when and how often to clean certain items in your home.


  • Oven: this could be a good opportunity to clean your oven. Most ovens have a self-cleaning function, so check the instruction manual for your model.
  • Mattress: you should clean and flip your mattress twice a year.


  • Dishwasher: these appliances are actually not self-cleaning. Once a month, you should clean the dishwasher by running an empty cycle with vinegar and baking soda. Alternatively, you can clean the inside with dishwasher liquid and a sponge and wiping the seal and around the bottom.
  • Coffee maker: individual coffee makers can have cleaners specific to the model, or many people opt for a mixture of water and vinegar.
  • Washing machine: similar to the dishwasher, this is not a self-cleaning appliance. Clean out the inside and the seal once a month.


  • Stainless steel: these appliances can show the worst of mess in your home, by highlighting fingerprints and smudges. Use a microfibre cloth and stainless steel cleaner once a week.
  • Microwave: you can wipe down the outside easily but once a week fill a bowl with half water and lemon juice or vinegar and turn the microwave on for 3 minutes. Wipe away the steam inside with a paper towel.
  • Hardwood floors: you should clean your floors once a week. For hardwood, vacuum or sweep first and then use the appropriate cleaner for your type of flooring (you can look this up online if you’re not sure).
  • TV and electronics: dust can really add up around the television or other large electronics. Use eletronics-safe cleaner if you use something, or you can use duster cloths.
  • Bedding: ideally, you will wash or change your bedding once a week to keep your bed clean and refreshed.