Building a Greener Home with Genesis

What are homeowners and builders alike looking for in their homes? With rising energy costs and increasing concern about environmental impacts, it’s no surprise that we are looking at our own homes and finding ways to save and conserve energy while also reducing our carbon footprint.

Simple upgrades like switching to LED lighting and EnergyStar® appliances help to reduce energy consumption in our homes and some builders even offer these upgraded features within the homes they offer. When you buy a home with Genesis, this is only the beginning. We focus on a home’s energy consumption and conservation from the ground up, and here’s how.

Framing, Insulation and Windows:

How well your home can retain and conserve its energy is as important as reducing the energy used to power a home. This is why we start by exceeding industry code standards with the grade of home insulation and vapour barriers that include basements, attic spaces, floor areas and all doors and windows.

We then install EnergyStar® dual-glazed, low-maintenance argon-filled windows with Low-E coating allowing your home to maximize heat retention in the winter and preserve the cool air circulating in your home in the summer.


With every new home purchased, an EnergyStar® appliance package is included but this doesn’t end at the kitchen. Low flow plumbing fixtures for all toilets, faucets and showers will help to conserve water usage while high-efficiency water tanks, 50Gal natural gas water heaters and 96% efficient furnaces reduce the amount of power each of our homes require.

Smart Home Technology:

Included within every one of our homes is a basic smart home tech package which includes energy-saving devices such as SMART LED Lutron lighting packages and EcoBee SMART Thermostats for lower energy consumption and more efficient control over your home’s lighting and heating/cooling systems. This basic SMART home package is upgradeable should you want a fully integrated home experience – We even include rough-in installations for Solar Panels AND electric vehicle chargers as standard within every Genesis home.

To learn more about our approach to building more environmentally conscious homes, reach out to our sales team, call us at (403) 265-9237 or visit one of our showhomes in Calgary or Airdrie.

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