Common questions about buying a brand new home

We know that buying a new home is very exciting, but can be overwhelming, too – especially for a first-time homebuyer. Arming yourself with information about the homebuying process will put your mind at ease, and make the whole process a little easier. At Genesis, we like to keep our homebuyers informed, so here’s our list of some of the most common questions about purchasing a brand new home with Genesis.

  • What factors should I consider when choosing a neighbourhood? There are many questions to consider when choosing a neighbourhood, but here’s five main things to keep in mind: location, proximity to amenities, access to transit, emergency services and what the community will look like when it’s completed.
  • What is a plot plan? this is a scaled-down drawing that indicates the orientation and location of your new home. It shows the distance of the home from the front, back and side property lines and positions the home in accordance with municipal bylaws for ‘set-backs’ from property lines and easements.
  • Can I view my home throughout the construction process? yes, a site supervisor will contact you regarding a frame walk prior to installation. We ask that you do not visit your home site without prior approval from one of our site supervisors.
  • What are Quality Appointments? “QAs” are written specifications of what you will be provided in your new home.
  • What do I need to know about defects and deficiencies? at the time of possession, it is entirely possible that not all the work on your home will be complete. The most common reason is cold weather. Winter has a tendency to delay all kinds of exterior work – from applying paint or stucco to pouring concrete driveways and finishing the landscaping. These kinds of weather-delay problems are known as ‘seasonal deficiencies.’ Any defects should be noted at the time of possession and will be followed up and corrected during the two and eleven month inspections. Please be sure to document defects as they appear.
  • What are considered acceptable delays in construction? there’s a variety of things that can delay construction, and here’s the ones that can be expected: weather, inspections, change orders or coordinations (between trades and suppliers). Weather, especially when it’s unpredictable like it is in Calgary, is the most common delay you’d see. But, if any delay extends beyond five working days, it is wise to consult with our representatives to learn about the effect on your construction schedule.

Wondering about the benefits of purchasing a brand new home? Energy savings, lower maintenance and peace of mind are just some of the reasons to buy new; read more about why you should choose a brand new home. If you have already purchased a home with Genesis and are waiting to take possession, refer to our FAQ page in regards to things like utility setup, garbage pickups, etc.