Spring Yard Maintenance Tasks to Tackle this Month

When winter goes, it leaves dead and dry grass with it. Now that spring is here and weather is warmer, this month is the perfect time to tackle some yard maintenance to get your lush grass growing sooner. Here’s the basic lawn care tips you need to get your yard ready for spring and summer.

  • Clean: before you can start refreshing and renewing your yard, you’ll need to cleanse it of everything leftover from the last two seasons. Start by raking and weeding your yard, so you can deal with the grass underneath.
  • Soil: chances are, areas of your yard will need to have new soil put in, or you may even need to replace full sections of grass. Start with the soil, and be sure to always mix in fertilizer and then use a roller or similar yard tool to flatten and even the area.
  • Sod or seed: rolling out carpet sod is no doubt the easiest solution to putting down new grass, but some experts suggest going the route of seeding if you’re just filling in areas, as the grass will grow more evenly with the rest.
  • Mow: keeping your yard groomed helps you maintain curb appeal and mowing at the right height helps maintain the health of the grass as well. You may not know this, but mowing your grass too short actually doesn’t save you time on mowing in the future. Grass renews itself quicker if you cut it shorter, so don’t cut too close to the ground.
  • Water: first thing’s first, always be aware of any water shortages in your city during the summer. You never want to water your yard when there’s a shortage. However, in the spring you should water your yard once a week. For newly seeded grass, water every day for five to ten minutes.
  • Keep up the weeding: proper yard care all season long calls for constant weeding of your grass. Neglecting to pull weeds will cost you time and effort later on, so just keep on those weeds. Unless you can find a natural alternative, avoid herbicides for killing weeds.

If you’re looking for some spring gardening tips as well, check out our blog full of great advice for the season. Happy Spring!